Website Development

As a real estate agent you need to own your url and your website. While your broker likely offers you a free site, they own it. They can change it. Or, you may decide to go to another broker. When you own your website you can bring it with you anywhere. You have complete control.

Owning your own site doesn’t have to be complex or even expensive. Far too many real estate website developers charge a lot of money for a beautiful site that doesn’t bring traffic, help build your email list, nor bring new business. Your website can start simply and be built with relevant information over time. In fact, that’s a much more manageable way to build a site.

An effective website is easy to navigate, easy to use, and has unique and relevant content. You can drive traffic to the website via social media posts and paid ads. Over time, the goal of your website will be to get organic search engine traffic. If someone is searching for information about moving to your community, your site should be at the top of the search results page.

Your website isn’t the final destination for users. Your site needs to give them reasons to sign up for your email lists. This allows you to stay in contact with them, build the foundations of a relationship, then add them to your client pipeline.