As a Real Estate Agent you are a marketer. You’re not only marketing the homes that you sell, you’re marketing yourself, your services, and your local community. You’re marketing to the people you know and to potential clients who you haven’t met yet. I’m here to help you connect with these audiences so you can be known as the go-to real estate expert in your community.

Website Content

Your website is a great platform to showcase your expertise. It should be the final piece of your marketing funnel. This is where you’ll direct as much traffic as possible from social media platforms and search engine queries. Your website should be updated regularly with new original articles that showcase your expertise and your love of your community. Here are some of the things that I can write for your site . . .

  • Agent Bio
  • Local Info on Parks, Restaurants, Schools, and more
  • Real Estate Market Updates
  • How-to Guides for Buyers and Sellers
  • Client Success Stories
  • Landing Pages to Convert Visitors to Email Subscribers
  • Video Content

Email Marketing

Email marketing is very much still alive, but it needs to be executed correctly. First, an effective email marketing campaign needs to be opt-in only to avoid getting labeled as spam. Opt-in lists take time to build but they are effective because you know that the recipients want the information.

If you’re not doing any email marketing now, or you just sent out an email of your “Just Listed” homes, I can help you get started. For most real estate agents, I’d suggest a monthly email with information that’s helpful to your audience. This includes tips for homeowners, things to do in the neighborhood, and some local real estate information. This information allows you to keep in touch with people who can become advocates for you and your business rather than just sending a dry market report that doesn’t get opened or gets labeled as spam.

Need something for potential buyers and sellers? I can help you create an ongoing email campaign that targets only these people who are most likely to buy or sell a home soon. An 8-week series of emails that includes information about how to buy and how to sell is a great way to show your expertise with helpful tips and tools.

Whether you just need to talk through creating an email marketing plan or you need a complete email marketing package I can help you reach your goals.

Buyer and Seller Guides

One of the most effective tools that I’ve used in my real estate career has been client guides for buyers and sellers. These pdf guides describe everything that your clients will need to know about the process of buying or selling a home with you and how you work. Essentially, they are your buyer and listing presentations. By sending this information to your clients before you meet they will already know what they need to about working with you so you’ll be able to spend your meeting time answering questions and building a relationship rather than doing a presentation (that they probably don’t want to see anyway).

MLS Property Descriptions

Writing your listing descriptions is often the last phase of getting a listing on the market. The most common reason for that is that a lot of agents just don’t want to sit down and write it out. I can work with you and your sellers to craft your MLS property descriptions so that you don’t have to.

Social Media Consulting

Do you use social media effectively to promote your business? Do you struggle with what to post and how often to post? Do you need to be present on every social channel in the world? I can help you answer these questions so you can maximize your social media exposure to the right audience on the right platforms.

Your social media should include far more than “Just Sold” listings and photos of clients at settlement. In fact, those posts don’t get much in the way of engagement anyway. Your social media presence needs to be helpful, informative, and entertaining. Most importantly, it should show who you are as a person because that’s what will resonate.

I can look at your social media strategy or create one if you don’t already have one. I can help you narrow down which platforms are right for your business, how to use those platforms to connect with your audience and build a community of raving fans for your business.

Let’s Talk

If you’re ready to take the next step and learn more, let’s talk. Please email me at to arrange a free call to discuss your needs and see how I can help you grow your real estate sales business.