Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns for real estate agents can include paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other channels. Paid ads are a great way to promote your best content and to build your email lists.

Effective digital ads need to fit the distribution channel. You’ve probably seen real estate agent ads on Facebook that say ‘Thinking of buying or selling a home? Call me!” These ads are easy to create but they’re expensive to run and have a terrible return on investment. Why? There are hundreds of reasons these ads don’t resonate but we can boil it down to how people use social media. They use it for entertainment and information, not to find a real estate agent.

Facebook and Instagram ads have to offer something of value. That can be interesting local information or a free download with relevant information (ie, a ‘7 Steps to Get Your Home Sold this Spring’ download). The goal of these ads isn’t to get a phone call . . . that’s a big step for someone to take. The goal is to get them to your website and get them on your email list so you can build a relationship by providing great information. This approach will build your list over time and position you as the local real estate expert.

Google Ads are a different animal. When people go to Google they’re seeking information. They’re often looking for information on what it’s like to live in your city, town, or neighborhood. They go to Google for information on how to buy or sell their home. They go to Google and search “Realtors in Anytown.” These searchers have very specific needs and Google Ads can help you get the right message to them at the right time.