Drive email signups and phone inquiries with valuable, relevant, and consistent blog posts, articles, social strategies, and video marketing.

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Keep in touch and build trust with your community through custom email marketing campaigns. Let Jon build the campaigns, create the templates, and write the content to engage your audience and drive sales.

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Your real estate agent bio, website copy, MLS property descriptions, listing and buyer presentations, email campaigns, and ads are all part of your digital image but few agents have time to write these themselves. Jon can write all of your copy to get your message to your target audience.

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Ad campaigns are a great tool to reach the right audience with the right message. You can use ads to build your email lists and to build brand awareness. Digital ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram are relatively inexpensive to run compared to traditional advertising and they often have a much better return on investment.

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Creating or updating a website doesn't need to be overly expensive or difficult. Jon can create simple but effective websites that best suit the needs of your business and your marketing plan. I'll take care of site setup, design, hosting, and maintenance. Most importantly, I can keep your website updated with fresh, original, and targeted content to help you stand out in Google searches.

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Sometimes you just need an experienced voice to help you narrow down your target markets, figure out the best way to reach them, and get the right message to them. Whether you want to on building and tweaking your email campaigns, improve your website, maximize your content marketing, or work on getting more business referrals I can help you to better market your business.

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Optimizing every area of marketing your business!

From Site Design and Maintenance, SEO, SEM, Digital Advertising, Agent Bios, Website Copy, Email Marketing Campaigns, and MLS Property Descriptions, Jon does it all!


To arrange a consultation or workshop, send us a message.